"Singer, Songwriter and Producer Nick “RAS” Furlong Has Hustle and Flow

“One thing is for certain: contemporary music culture is performer-centric.  The DJ standing on the platform with his name on the club marquee, the band’s lead singer who belts out the song you know every word to and the legendary star gracing the stage with years of hits under her belt… It’s these people who are society’s primary focus when it comes to the music industry.”

The Beat: Nicholas ‘RAS’ Furlong Opens Up on Inspiration and The Path to Success

Nicholas “RAS” Furlong is everywhere. He’s written hits for 5 Seconds to Summer, the Wanted and Steve Aoki, and conceived the killer Avicii pirate fight-song track “The Nights” – with a special thematic connection to his own father. Now, a month after the release of All Time Low’s Future Hearts – with which he was intimately involved – the Woodland Hills, CA producer/spinner brings us into his world through a new series called “The Beat” – an inspiration-driven video feature showcasing high-level artists exposing their own passion drivers.