Mason Hyce Barnes is a professional big wave surfer and model from Wilmington, North Carolina. He currently resides in Venice, California. In 2016, Mason signed a contract with the World Surf League to represent the company as the face of big wave surfing. This partnership presents Mason with a variety of opportunities.

This partnership gives Mason the ability to reach millions of followers on the WSL social platforms during social media takeovers. It gives Mason the ability to travel to all of the major surf events hosted by the WSL, and support for qualification on the WSL’s Big Wave Tour. The WSL acts as a media partner for brand sponsorship deals and provides Mason with a budget for creative concepts.

Mason will help the WSL expand into music and fashion. He wants to take surfing into a worldwide commercial audience through partnerships with brands and personalities . In the future, Mason would like to qualify for the 2017 Big Wave Tour and to become the best big wave surfer in the world.



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